Board of Directors

The NIEF Awards program changed from providing scholarships to university students to rewarding those in the industry who complete various professional designation programs. NIEF also provides continuing support to the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada Las Vegas for the insurance courses they offer. At UNLV’s Boyd School of Law, an award is given to the best paper by a law school student.

The current awards are called the Jack Barriage Memorial Awards, honoring the long time Executive Director of the Nevada Independent Insurance Agents Association, whose ideas led to the change in focus from students to insurance industry employees so that the professionalism of the industry was enhanced.

Each year thousands of dollars are granted to completers of a wide variety of professional designations from all areas of the risk management and insurance industry. New award designations are reviewed by the board of trustees to determine whether to include the designation in the program and the amount of the award. 

NIEF encourages industry professionals to continue to achieve additional professional training and designations as their careers continue. The variety and range of awards invites continuing achievement in order to increase the quality of those in the industry.

NIEF does not grant awards for individual courses, but for completion of designations recognized by the industry and approved by our board of trustees.

How to Apply for an Award

Applying for an award is simple:  provide a copy of the certificate from the organization granting the designation showing that you have achieved it along with your contact information so we can mail you the award. Mail, fax or email the information to:
Nevada Insurance Education Foundation
                        201 S. Roop Street, Suite 102
                        Carson City, Nevada 89701-4790
                        Phone:  (775) 885-7475
                        Fax:        (775) 883-7398
                        Email:   INFO@NVIEF.ORG